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General Vector Inverter FHB-H9-25H
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General Vector Inverter
Part # FHB-H9-25H   
25HP , 18.5kw , 3P AC380-400V  , 41A    
Control Mode: Voltage Vector  ,
Appearance: Plastic Shuck       
New In Box !

FHB-H9 Series Inverter Functional features

PID control, can make the output frequency inverter with instruction goals. For the applications effective:

-Speed control: use such speed pulse coder, regardless of the size of the detector load to speed is consistent, or with other motor synchronization operation.
-Pressure control: the pressure sensor output values as feedback quantity that can control constant pressure.
-Flow control: use flow sensor, can control precision of flow.
-Temperature control: will the temperature sensor detection, value do, make fan feedback speed and achieve control of temperature.
-Second-ranking self-learning function
-In vector control ways effectively, inverter can be applied to automatically set motor value range of motor parameters.

-Thus from frequency electric vehicles to general motor can undertake vector control operation, the motor can be maximum play a role.
Second-ranking torque control
-Torque control in vector control effectively. Multifunctional analogue inputs signal as torque instructions for torque of control. Torque control accuracy for + 5%, can switch torque control and speed control.
-Second-ranking V/F curve Settings
-Can choose the appropriate use of advance already set 15 kinds of V/F curve. Can also set the arbitrary V/F curve. (V/F curve set only in V/F control effectively.
-Second-ranking frequency instructions species
-Keyboard given
-Voltage given (0-10V)
-Voltage given (0 - + 10V: load voltage, reverse direction operation)
-Current given (20mA) 4 -
-External terminals given (external terminals to timing, up nine section speed operation)
-Modbus given
-Second-ranking zero servo control
-Zero servo control only in vector control (with PG), even if the motor speed effectively zero state can also occur 150% above torque.
-Second-ranking with PG speed feedback control
-Use circumscribed PG speed control card, can achieve speed feedback control, speed control precision will have improved.
-Second-ranking DEWLL (pause) function
-Accelerate slowing way, output frequency in a certain period to maintain the function, driving load big motor also can smooth acceleration slowing down.
-Second-ranking surveillance function
-Keyboard surveillance program: frequency instructions, output frequency, output current, motor speed, output voltage instructions, main return road dc voltage, output power, torque refers to make, the input terminals state, output terminals status, running status, running time, PID feedback quantity, fault record.
-Second-ranking in both Chinese and English display

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